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As a leader in the fire protection industry Chemetron has brought to market many innovative products and extinguishing system design techniques for meeting the most difficult fire protection challenges. We understand the challenges inherent in a competitive business environment. Companies cannot afford the major interruption to its operations and financial repercussions that a fire, even a small one, can cause. Your ability to prevent or recover from a business disruption is critical and depends on selecting the best fire protection system and agent. We are an authorized California Kidde Fenwal distributor serving the entire west coast for over a decade. We are closely involved in the fire industry, operating three companies that serve fire departments, security systems, and industrial operations through out California and the United States. We know intimately the fire suppression parts and systems you need to do your job right. Call our sales staff today and let them put their extensive catalog knowledge to use in finding you the right parts in a quick an affordable fashion.

Kidde Fenwal Fire Suppression

From small electronic facilities to the largest industrial processing plants, we have a system that meets most any high valued asset environment. Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid, FM-200®, Argonite, High Pressure and Low Pressure CO2, it's all a means to an end—complete protection for your assets. As an authorized California Kidde Fenwal fire systems dealer we know the catalog inside and out and most likely know exactly what part you're looking for. Let us save you time and money by simply calling us today and speaking with our sales support staff. Each are highly trained and educated in Kidde Fenwal fire suppression systems. We use these systems both in the field for our own uses as well as extensive repair operations we require. Kidde's most popular suppression system, the Kidde FM-200 Fire Suppression is popular for a good reason. Their R and D did a great job at getting this system to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The replacement agent Halon 1301 offers a wide range of agent suppression capabilities designed for facilities that simply cannot afford any type of fire related disruption. The system is non-toxic in ordinance with NFPA Standard 2001. The FM-200 is great at leaving little to no residue for Class A, B, and C fires. This popular system provides maximum protection with little hardware, taking up minimal space, and above all is extremely cost effective for a wide range of facilities.

Another highly popular model we service here at ChemetronParts.com is Kidde's ADS Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems. The system was designed to provided institutions and facilities an economical fire protection system for larger areas requiring longer agent flow distances. Kidde's patented "piston flow" technology enables the ADS system to deliver mass flow rates 2.5 - 3 times faster than the stand clean agent system. This new flow design incorporates a network of longer pipe runs in complex patterns and configurations to accommodate smaller pipe sizes for protecting larger areas. As a result these new design features have allowed the ADS system for seamless replacement with existing Halon 1301 systems. Most replacements for this system only require new nozzle parts and agent storage cylinders. We've found the majority of replacements can utilize the existing pipe network as well, saving business owners massive amounts of would be infrastructure costs.

Click here to view our latest production. It offers viewers a compelling case for fire protection in the commercial kitchen environment and graphically represents the operation of a Range Guard Wet Chemical System.

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Chemetron fire protection solutions include intelligent smoke and heat detectors, conventional and networked system controls, and the largest portfolio of fire suppression agents in the industry. Our experienced staff of NICET certified designers and professional engineers are focused on industrial hazards and can provide a complete range of services.

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"Backed by our experience, focused on your future". It's not just a tagline, it's our most fundamental strategy. We put our experience to work for you through dozens of application bulletins and our decades of project specific design and engineering work. If it requires fire protection, Chemetron can do it.

Authorized Kidde Fenwal Distributor
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ChemetronParts.com takes pride in being the leading seller of Chemetron Parts by Kidde-Fenwal. Feel free to contact us or visit Alpha Fire and Security Alarm for all of your other fire systems, sprinklers, and linear heat detection accessory needs. ChemetronParts.com is an authorized Kidde-Fenwal distributor serving the entire west coast of the United States. We work with companies all over the world and have clients in Guam, Hawaii, and even Los Angeles County Schools. Our mission is to provide frictionless ordering and service for all types of fire protection parts and systems.